Dan Wootton's weekly blog Behind the Interview: What Jason Derulo was REALLY like

While his contemporary Chris Brown has seen his personal life spiral out of control, American popstar Jason Derulo has managed to remain on top of the pop world and at the same time maintain a clean cut reputation.

I first met him three years ago in Los Angeles and he was incredibly down to earth back then. Things haven’t changed as he invited me to chat in his dressing room at ITV following an early morning performance of his new hit single The Other Side on Daybreak.

It has certainly been a rocky year for the 23-year-old, after he broke his neck last June while rehearsing acrobatic dance moves for his upcoming world tour in Miami.

However, the positive to come out of his 12 months recuperating has been his relationship with talented former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.

When I point out that dealing with a serious health issue will either destroy a new relationship or solidify it, he replies: It definitely brought me closer to her.

‘Before my injury, I wasn’t even looking for anything serious. I was just doing my thing. I wasn’t on that page at all.

‘I thought she was a nice girl and I liked spending time with her, but my head wasn’t at that place. Then the injury helped me to see the light. Without it, we wouldn’t have happened.’

He jokes that press rumours already have the couple married with five children’, although he admits settling down is on his mind. I definitely think it will happen with her,’ he tells me.

Jason is looking in great shape (he poses with his top off in the magazine this week). But he has to work out for four hours a day to get his physique back.

After my injury I gained 15lb. I hated it. My face exploded like a butterball,’ he reveals.

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