She might be the new Kim Kardashian but Jen Selter's Instagram is worrying

Jen Selter is all over the Internet right now, if you’ve not yet noticed.

All because of one thing – her insane bum.

A shapely bottom is all the rage in terms of female body trends. It has been for a while now. Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian – these girls all have sizeable behinds.

Which is OK with me. I definitely think embracing your bum and working it is more attainable for female kind than being stick-thin all over.

Buuuut… stick thin with a huge derriere, a la Jen Selter, is also completely unattainable for the large majority of women.

And that’s why I’m kind of scared of Jen Selter‘s Instagram account. Check it out here.

Jen‘s got almost 1,769,000 followers on Instagram. That’s a LOT of girls ogling her gym-honed body – and wanting to achieve it.

She’s even created her own hash tag for working out – ‘Seltering’ (nah, not vain… at all. Ahem).

Of course, being healthy and fit is obviously fantastic. And Jen posts lots of workout selfies. Which is good. Inspiring women to, well, get off their arses and down to the gym? Great, of course.

But most women can’t achieve this kind of body shape. And apart from her bum, Jen is, in my opinion, really rather skinny.

Which worries me – especially when you think about the lengths that young, impressionable girls may go to to achieve this kind of look.

Jen agrees too that she’s thinner than her most famous rival for Queen of the Behinds (an award I just made up, obvs), Kim Kardashian.

Jen‘s told The Sun, ‘People might compare me and Kim Kardashian but I would never put us together as we’re different shapes… I think she’s a bit larger than me.’

Eep. Yes, Jen, Kim is probably ‘larger’ (literally, a tad. She’s tiny, too). But do you have to say so, missy?

If you’ve got a ‘passion for fitness and helping others’, like you say, shouldn’t you be celebrating Kim‘s figure, and not stating that you’re thinner?

Jen‘s Instagram account, which is filled with endless selfies of her bum, worries me a little. Is there any more to her life than working out and depicting it? I do hope so.

Exercise is great. Bums are great. But most women can’t and won’t be able to achieve Jen‘s ‘perfect’ figure. No matter how hard they try.

I just hope girls realise this – and don’t get too caught up in trying to get that perfect thin-with-a-huge-backside figure.

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