Our writer Thea de Gallier is outraged that Jennifer Aniston has been quizzed AGAIN on when she'll become a mother. Why does it matter so much?

Jennifer Aniston is fast gaining a reputation as Hollywood’s resident cat-lady, through no fault of her own.

Okay, so she has a hunky fianc√© in Justin Theroux, which means she’s unlikely to end up with only felines for company in old age, but the one thing she doesn’t have – a baby – is all anyone seems to want to talk about.

In an interview with Allure magazine, Jen vented her frustration at being painted as a failure because she hasn’t reproduced, saying: ‘I don’t like [the pressure] that people put on women, that you’ve failed yourself because you haven’t procreated.

‘You may not have a child come out of your vagina, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t mothering – dogs, friends, friends’ children.’

It’s a shame that, in a society as modern as our own, we still can’t separate being a woman from being a mother. Statistics released last year showed that one in five women won’t have a child by the age of 45, and this number is still rising. Isn’t it time we started to be okay with that?

Women are worth much more than what may or may not be growing in their womb. Some of us – myself included – aren’t in any rush to have kids, because we’re happy with the way our lives are without them. I enjoy living with friends, pursuing the career I’ve always wanted, and going out whenever it takes my fancy – things I couldn’t do if I had a baby to consider.

Jennifer is one of the best-known actresses of the last 20 years, has a wedding to look forward to and inspired millions of haircuts in the 90s.

If she feels her life is complete without kids, we should believe her. As she says, it’s fairly rude to ask people about their plans to breed – you wouldn’t quiz a mother on whether they wished they didn’t have kids, would you?

‘There’s all sorts of reasons why children aren’t in people’s lives, and no one has the right to assume,’ Jen said. ‘Its quite rude, insulting, and ignorant.’

Motherhood is a huge life choice that isn’t for everyone. Choosing to delay it, or skip it altogether doesn’t make anyone selfish or less of a woman, it’s simply different from the choices some people make. Jen‘s living proof that success and happiness don’t need to involve children, and we should be celebrating her achievements, not bringing her down over something that’s none of our business.

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