Welcome to my new weekly baby blog where you can read everything about my second pregnancy – from bump to birth!

OMG! With three months to go, my cravings have finally started and it’s a nightmare. Literally!

I can’t stop eating cheese sandwiches with sour cream – I make myself one every night after my performance in Singin’ In The Rain.

It’s so fattening and everyone knows you’re not meant to eat cheese before bedtime or you have nightmares, but I can’t help myself.

There’s loads of Easter eggs still hanging about too. I’ve been eating the Cadbury Creme Eggs. I’m trying to limit myself or I’ll be the size of a house…

Thankfully, I’m running out of room in my belly as the baby is getting bigger so I can’t eat too much any more.

My bump has been giving me some trouble. I’ve started having physio this week as I’m suffering from sciatica – the baby is lying on my back and it’s killing me. Fingers crossed the physio helps ease the pain.

This week I’ve been shopping for maternity clothes as my bump was getting cold. It’s too big to fit in my clothes now so I’ve been buying loads of vests with elasticated sides.

I’m booking a serious pampering session too – I need my hair and nails done if I want to be a yummy mummy.

Anyway, until next week

Jen x