Welcome to my new weekly baby blog where you can read everything about my second pregnancy – from bump to birth!

This week I had my 26-week scan at the hospital which went very well, everything is normal and I’m doing great, which is a huge relief.

Remember I told you that my baby dances around my stomach after I’ve been performed on stage?

Well Leanne, my consultant, explained why I can feel and sometimes see the baby moving so much, and this is because my placenta is at the back rather than the front.

When I was pregnant with Bobby it was in-between the stomach wall and baby, so it acted like a cushion to the movements.

However this time, it’s just my stomach between me and the baby which is why he or she feels so much more active and stronger than Bobby. God knows what it will feel like in three months!

My consultant did tell me though that it’s another big baby and is already measuring over a week ahead of what it should be, so I have to start thinking about whether I’d like to elect for a C-section after having an emergency one last time.

The birth seems so far away as I’m busy working but the weeks are flying by and the baby will be here in no time.

I’ve started filming for a very exciting new TV programme which I’m very excited about – it’s called My Secret Past and it’s a documentary about postnatal depression.

I had this with my first baby and I recently spoke about my fears I’ll get it again in an interview with Now magazine.

I’m enjoying working on the show because it’s baby-related so is tying in well with my current situation.

I had another little trip to the hospital this week too after coming down with a nasty chest infection but hopefully I’m on the mend now.

Until next week, 

Jen x

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