Welcome to my weekly baby blog where you can read everything about my second pregnancy – from bump to birth!

It’s our five year anniversary of our first date this week, so my husband Robbie and I have been away in the Lake District. It’s been perfect, the sun has been shining and my son Bobby loved it too.

I’ve reduced my hours at work on the West End now and I’ll be stopping soon as I’m getting more and more tired.

I went to the hospital for my antenatal check-up and the doctor told me my bump is really big – I’m 28 weeks today. I’m not worried though, a big baby means a healthy baby and so I’m really pleased, it’s a relief that everything is fine.

The baby’s head has moved further down and so I had a few stomach pains. Robbie was worried as he thought I was going into labour and Bobby was so excited. He kept saying: ‘Is nearly ready yet?!’ Like it’s a chicken in the oven!

My bump is much smaller than last time – my in-laws were so surprised when they saw me. I’m more conscious of my bump size as I know how big I got last time but I must admit, sometimes I forget I’m making a baby!

Until next week, 

Jen x

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