The Voice coach has taken to Twitter to deny sensational new claims


Shock horror! According to sensationalised new claims, Jessie J’s not a trendy bisexual like meat-wearing Lady Gaga – she’s an actual lesbian.

Quick! Turn off your TVs and stop buying her songs!

That seems to be what record bosses thought might happen if Jessie J revealed her true sexuality when she first began her assent to super stardom, if the shock new revelations are to be believed.

According to an unauthorised biography, Jessie J, who first realised she was gay at the age of 17, was apparently told she’d be more appealing to fans if she pretended to be bisexual rather than gay.

(Yep, apparently being bi is like making a really cool fashion statement).

And despite being incensed’, the book claims Jessie J eventually went along with the charade because she was scared of losing her record contract. *sigh*

Honestly, do we really still live in a society where our sexuality matters?

Will we value Jessie J’s artistic talent any less on the live shows of The Voice next week if she’s gay?

Yes, there’s homophobia out there, but surely we should be stamping it out, not giving into it. #theshame

Two weeks ago, I saw Jessie J at a gig in London. It was the first time I’d seen her sing live and I had my reservations.

Firstly, I’d never really warmed to her personality on telly and thought she was a bit into herself’.

And, I’ve always found her voice a bit screechy. You know the type that enters those realms that only dogs can hear.

But live – wow! Her voice did things I didn’t even know were possible, and her energy was completely infectious.

Dressed in a skin-tight polka dot playsuit she looked super-hot too.

Of course, if you don’t like Jessie J that’s fine – but it isn’t her sexuality that defines her talent or her character (obvs).

Yet the truth is it’s hard for gay women to be accepted. I can count on one hand the number of celeb lesbians I’ve heard of.

That’s why we desperately need people in the public eye to stand up and change this and beat the big bosses pandering to the masses.

It’s the 21st century guys! Who knows, maybe one day being straight will go out of fashion!

Since the story emerged a few hours ago Jessie J has taken to Twitter to strongly deny the claims.

She said: It’s funny how many people I’ve dated/slept with that I’ve never even met according to the tabloids. BUT what’s that?! *whispers because its a secret* I’m really a lesbian?! Ha! Thanks for writing yet another boring untrue story. I thought I was still dating Tinie, NO Ellie G, NO Mark Wright….bla bla bla! #cantkeepup #noneofitstrue

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