From the only journalist who interviewed John James before he left the UK last week

There has been a lot of misinformation and exaggeration about John James Parton since my exclusive interview with him in Now magazine hit the stands last week.

He’s received death threats and I’ve received emails from readers asking if it’s really true – has he got a new girlfriend? Some have even suggested we made the interview up!

First things first, yes, Now magazine DID interview John James Parton on Friday 6 May (not 5 May as Big Brother Xtra claims, despite my attempts to correct them), precisely at 1.45pm.

Believe me, I remember, as his last-minute decision to chat to us gave me two hours to interview him, write it up and meet my deadline. Stress doesn’t begin to describe it, particularly as it was going on our cover.

Another false claim (made by Big Brother Xtra AGAIN) will have you believe he was paid £8,000 for this interview. Again, this is categorically untrue.

So what was John James like?

As he’d only been seeing his new girlfriend for an extremely short time, he was so nervous about talking about her. In fact, when we spoke he’d not even introduced her to his mum yet.

Having had a relationship already fall apart in the public eye, I can certainly understand why he was so worried.

John James wanted to address the rumours about a new girlfriend and assure his fans that he did not cheat on Josie Gibson.

He even told me that he’s not rushing into anything, nor does he want to impose his bizarre life in the public eye onto someone he’s only just getting to know.

When he arrived in the UK two weeks ago, he had NO intention of getting spotted, let alone doing an interview. He actually owed his mum a trip to the UK because the day he left Josie and flew out was the day his mum was scheduled to land.

They have family in the UK, as some of you already know, and were going to be here for another two weeks, but hey, guess what, some fan in Australia found out he was heading back to the UK and spilled on Twitter. There goes the quiet family trip.

Even more shocking, I’ve been told they cut short the trip and went back to Oz last week because someone out there has been sending him death threats.

I know there exists this necessity to be on one side or the other (ie. Team Josie V Team John James) – and I know they’re both guilty of proffering up their private lives as public fodder (that happened the second they set foot in the BB house) – but, come on, people. Can’t we just calm down a bit?

I haven’t spoken to Josie, but a number of my colleagues have interviewed her on many occasions. She is completely and utterly lovely, they tell me.

A Now reporter spoke to a friend of hers for our interview this week and it’s clear she’s devastated by the break-up with ‘her Johnny James’, and understandably so.

I think the most important thing out of all of this is to remember, at the moment, both of them are hurting very badly and are in the ‘anger’ stage of a post-breakup.

So you JJJ fans who are traumatised by the split can stop targeting me as your new figure of hatred.

John James doesn’t deserve threats or abuse either. Put yourself in his and Josie‘s shoes.

They both need your messages of support.

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