Fans ask why Judy Murray, a little-known mum of a celebrity, has bagged a role on Strictly Come Dancing

A press release dropped on the Now desk yesterday, saying 43 per cent of all bets at William Hill name Judy Murray – the 55-year-old mother of tennis ace Andy Murray – as the first celebrity to receive the boot from Strictly Come Dancing.

We’re not surprised.

Millions of viewers tuned in last night – and will again tonight – to watch real celebrities like Mark Wright, Pixie Lott and Caroline Flack dazzle on the dancefloor in their glitter bodysuits, or trip over doing the foxtrot on the hit BBC1 show.

It’s great TV that makes this family show triumph over its rival The X Factor in the ratings year on year.

So why then do mums of celebrities count as contestants? It begs the question are we, as viewers, being shortchanged?

According to the betting shops the viewers have already spoken and it’s a big fat ‘no’ to Judy.

Harsh maybe, but she is not the first mum – or dad – of a celeb, and she won’t be the last, to get a piece of the action from their kid’s success.

As well as Judy, here are our top five:

1) Kris Jenner – the ultimate momager, even her daughters rib her about getting her 10 per cent from the deals she bags for them.
Although she is devoted to pushing her daughters’ careers and helping the entire family become household names – Kris is not adverse to a little self-promotion too, and is always camera-ready for the photographers when she heads out clubbing, sorry, working, with her daughters in tiny dresses until the early hours.

2) Dina Lohan
She’s had a book deal and even had her own E! reality show off the back of being, well, Lindsay Lohan’s mum. Honey Boo Boo’s mum June is another one who’s not afraid of a bit of the limelight.

Then there are the Dadagers . . .

3) Macaulay Culkin’s dad Kit Culkin
We love that the Home Alone star actually did make his family disappear.
The star’s relationship with his father-manager Kit, who managed his career from the age of four, soured in the late 90s when Macaulay blocked him from controlling his £11m fortune. The two are now estranged.

4) Matthew Knowles
Beyonce’s father famously had the young Destiny’s Child singers jogging around the block while singing at the same time to work up their stamina for the stage.
After catapulting them to fame around the world for more than a decade, Beyonce fired her father Matthew Knowles in March 2011, releasing a statement: ‘I’ve only parted ways with my father on a business level. He is my father for life, and I love my dad dearly.’

5) Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson
He may have been the brains behind the Jackson 5 but Michael recalled from early childhood that his father was domineering and strict and he described himself as a ‘lonely child’ in his memoir, The Jacksons.

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