His behaviour is totally disgusting - the brat needs to be reigned in now!

I’ve made no secret of my disdain for all things Justin Bieber-related.

Turning up two hours late for a London concert? Not on.

Swanning round in a gas mask? Um, ok then.

Abandoning his pet monkey, Mally, in Germany? Ugh.

But weeing into a mop bucket?! Whilst screaming, F*ck Bill Clinton‘?!’

You’re taking the p*ss, quite literally, Justin.

I’m disgusted. That is low. LOW, LOW, LOW! Germy, vile and just… wrong!

Justin, my dear, for one, Bill Clinton hasn’t been President of the USA since 2001. GET WITH IT, you little oik.

Secondly, think of that poor cleaner who is now going to have to disinfect your p*ss from their mop!

And thirdly – you (somehow) have MILLIONS OF FANS. Why, why, why do this kind of thing on video?

These girls and boys look up to you and what you’re doing just is not on. In any way.

Go wee in your own mop bucket at home – but not in public. SERIOUSLY. 

Fix up, Justin, put your mini Justin back in your pants, and stay the hell away from cleaning devices – you’re a laughing stock.

Probably not for the poor cleaner who has to clean up your mess though, kiddo. Ugh.

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