Justin has been caught gobbing at his very own 'Beliebers' - why, why, why?

So earlier this month Justin Bieber was caught peeing into a restaurant mop bucket – on video.

Totally disgusting – could the Bieber get any worse?!

Um, apparently so.

He’s now reportedly been caught spitting at his fans from a balcony. Yes, at them!

Surrounded by his mates, he’s been papped gobbing from his hotel room in Toronto – whilst hordes of fans wait for him eagerly down in the road below.

It’s really sad, actually – imagine getting spat on by your idol?! If I was a fan I’d be unliking him on Facebook immediately, or whatever it is the kids do these days.

Justin, you’re a total idiot for biting the hand that feeds you. Your fans will eventually revolt.

(And I wouldn’t be very impressed if I was Selena Gomez, either).

Check out the video below to see pictures of Justin doing his best impression of a teenage boy showing off in front of his friends.

I think Justin Bieber should be sent to boot camp, immediately!



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