Why I'm loving Justin Bieber's previously unseen video of his Saturday Night Live appearance

Justin Bieber playing techno tunes on a keyboard wearing a shaggy wig, an Egyptian pharoah’s hat and Incredible Hulk-like hands? Could this situation be any better?

If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, please watch this video immediately. See below.

Do catch up.

Yes, I’m aware Justin Bieber‘s unflattering look was all fun and games for a comedy sketch on American comedy show Saturday Night Live – but I’m stunned as to how this even happened.

Someone had to come up with this ridiculously brilliant idea (and whoever it was should be given a medal), pitch it to Justin Bieber‘s entourage who in turn must have somehow talked the Biebs into actually taking part.

Granted, the video never made it past dress rehearsal stage. But nevertheless, Justin Bieber‘s comedic debut was filmed and now Saturday Night Live has exposed its greatness to the entire world. Bliss.

Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader’s called the sketch the ‘greatest trainwreck ever’ but instead of slating Justin Bieber, I believe it’s something to celebrate and share.

I mean, come on – Incredible Hulk-like hands?? BRILLIANT.

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