Has Justin Bieber grown up from his bad boy days? Now’s Amy Lo thinks it might be time to move on from the singer’s raucous past.

Ahhh Justin Bieber – love him or hate him, the 21-year-old singer definitely divides opinions and dancefloors.

Performing for the first time in years at this year’s VMA Awards, JB busted his moves and sang his heart out on stage, before breaking down in tears. It was all pretty emosh.

And while others may have taken the mick out of the poor lad for crying in front of millions, I was actually kinda moved.

Talking about his little cry to Jimmy Fallon he said that he just wasn’t expecting the amount of support he got, especially since last time he was at an awards show, he was booed. Ouch.

‘I’ve worked so hard at this album, I’ve worked so hard at just becoming the man I want to become’, the Bieb-miester said. And you could tell from his VMA performance, as all that effort came across on screen.

Now, I am an unashamed fan of pop – I can sing along to Carly Rae and do the dance moves to Girls Aloud with the best of them – but I wasn’t Mr.Bieber’s biggest fan to say the least.

His music was fine (Baby got stuck in my head like no-one’s business), but he was getting arrested, throwing eggs at neighbors houses and making ignorant and stupid comments. Basically, he was being a bit of a idiot to put it lightly, and he seemed to be keep getting these free passes for his obnoxious behaviour, and that was not ok hun.

But when I saw him doing car karaoke with James Corden – one of my fave things on the Internet – I found myself warming to him, but just put it down to the cheeky charm of Mr.Corden.

But then he’s lip-syncing to a Fergie classic, surprising fans and dancing with them – and I just can’t help but like him.

He knows what a twit (for phrase of a better word) he was and said that he just had a ‘bunch of knuckleheads’ around him and that he ‘just happened to be in the spotlight in front of cameras all the time’ which caught those moments.

And he’s right. We’ve all done stupid things in our past that make us curl up into a cringe ball. But we just don’t have the world commenting and remembering it – being tagged on Facebook’s bad enough!

I’m not saying let’s forget or excuse his behaviour, but c’mon, let’s move on from it guys.

He’s now back on the music scene with a bang (don’t tell me you haven’t been dancing uncontrollably to Where Are U Now), and I not gonna lie, I even got a little bit flustered when the photos for his campaign with Calvin Klein came out. *fans self*

He basically was a kid who had the world in the palm of his hands and he went a bit crazy with it, but he’s growing up and learnt from it – as the wise Britney Spears once said, he’s not a girl, not yet a woman.

So, Justin Bieber, you’re back in my good books! Because if all the stupid things from the past are held against us until the end of time, then we’re all screwed.

Amy Lo