Oh what would Kate Moss be without a massive dollop of controversy?


Kate Moss is a living legend and I’m not just saying that because it’s her 40th birthday today and I have to be nice to her.

While there are million things that propel Ms Moss to legendary status, it’s the fact that she’s managed to stay in the world press every day yet still remain enigmatic that gets me screaming, BUT KATE, I LOVE YOU’ the most.

So to celebrate Queen K turning the big PHWOAR OOHH, here’s a rundown her top six most controversial moments…

1) Pete Doherty. For the two years that Kate dated and was engaged to the infamous Libertines front man the world was in a state of, Huh?’ He’d been plagued with legal issues and drug addiction and she was hardly an angel herself. They were hailed as one of showbiz’s most dysfunctional couples, but hey, she was in love – he wrote poems and stuff.

2) ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’ This now infamous quote saw huge criticism from the media and eating disorder charities, accusing Kate of being irresponsible and promoting eating disorders. Her reps later responded and said the quote had been taken out of context

3) ‘Jamie would go mental if I dressed like a wife!’ Yup Kate managed to wind up wives across the land by making fun of their clothes. I thought it was quite funny actually.

4) Posing as The Virgin Mary. The model got Christian groups up in arms when she was on the cover of W magazine for a shoot in which she was done up as The Virgin Mary. Apparently people don’t like to see Jesus’ mum doing high fashion. Especially when she’s got a crucifix between her legs.

5) Smoking on the catwalk. While walking the catwalk in a creation by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week 2011, Kate lit up. And it wasn’t cool. Nope really, really not cool. Well perhaps it was just a little bit.

6) Cocaine Kate. It was the drugs scandal that people briefly thought would cost Kate her career with Chanel, Burberry and H&M. However despite a brief dip, the cocaine scandal reportedly ended up earning Kate more money than ever before.

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