I half wish Katie would stop spouting off - but the other half of me is totally addicted to her Twitter feed

Katie Hopkins is sort of funny. Sometimes. Key words: sort of.

Her constant stream of ridiculous views on Twitter are just that – so ridiculous that they’re laughable. And Katie knows it. And plays up to it.

I’m all for outspoken ladies, obviously, but Katie is really pushing it at the minute.

Recently, she’s been on a one-woman crusade to annoy, um, everyone.

First up she called Kelly Brook a chubster’. YAWN. I think you’ll find that Katie Price got there first, Katie. Keep your beak out.

This is after she started a classist tirade against children with certain names on This Morning. Miss perfect mum’ Hopkins doesn’t want her kids mixing with kids named Tyler or Chardonnay, you see.

Whatever, Katie.

Just don’t go picking on Prince George‘s name, mmmkay? He’s a BABY!

Oh, right, she has. How predictable!

George fits the bill perfectly,’ Katie has said. ‘I had a dog named George… he was run over and had to be put down. But don’t let that dissuade you from George as an excellent choice for your baby boy.’

Basically, Katie likes annoying EVERYONE over EVERYTHING.

The thing is – I think I’m sort of addicted to Katie. Yep.

She’s actually pretty funny, and though her views are horrendously silly, she’s my go-to on Twitter right now whenever big news breaks.

And I think the rest of the UK might miss her too. 

I’m not going to say ‘keep up the good work’ to Katie – because I never agree with her! – but keep Tweeting. Just so I can have a laugh.

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