Wonder mum Katie has put us all to shame

Let me tell you what normally happens when you have a baby.

When you’re pregnant you tell everyone that having a child will NOT stop you from doing all the things you used to do. You smugly swear to all your non-sprogged up colleagues that you will not become one of THOSE mums who never leaves the house again as soon their baby arrives. Those dreaded women who would rather stay indoors and watch telly than hit the town on a Saturday night *shudder*.

Then your baby arrives and you realise that you are going to be EXACTLY one of those mothers. Because between breastfeeding (should you choose to), night-time wake ups and daytime cake scoffing, it’s not just that there’s no time for anything else. Nope, you also can’t be bothered.

That is, unless you are Katie Piper.

We already knew Katie, 31, was an amazing woman, but now we’re taking a ground-skimming curtsey to the new mum.

For Katie, who was horrifically burnt in an acid attack six years ago, has only gone and run a half marathon just SEVEN MONTHS after having daughter Belle.

Now, before I had a baby, I took part in the exact same Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon myself. Twice. I know the dedication that is involved in taking part in such a long run. The hours and hours of training you need to do to ensure your body can actually make it to the finishing line.

So the fact that Katie has managed to do all this on top of taking care of her little girl is astounding. Add to this the fact that it was Katie’s actual BIRTHDAY and there’s no escaping the fact she is positively heroic.
Katie completed the race in 2hr 25min with her little girl cheering her on from the side line. Not only did she raise money for her charity The Katie Piper Foundation, she even managed to go out for a posh birthday meal with her boyfriend afterwards, tweeting:

Birthday dinner with my love! Swollen feet hidden under table!

Lady, you put us all to shame!

* Katie has so far raised more than £500 for The Katie Piper Foundation through sponsorship for the run. Click here to sponsor her. She deserves every penny.

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