Katie Price has finally lost it if she thinks she's anything like classy January

In Katie Price‘s column in The Sun today she had the bare-faced cheek to compare herself to the utterly gorgeous January Jones.

You know, the Grace Kelly-esque, icy blonde, who plays the aloof Betty Draper in Mad Men.

No, Jordan. Just, no.

I wonder if Jordan has actually watched Mad Men? It’s the best programme ever, ever, ever. And if Jordan had watched all five (and soon to be six!) seasons, I don’t think she’d dare compare herself to the inimitable January Jones.

January/Betty Draper is perfect in every single way.

Jordan didn’t outright put herself in the same untouchable, A-list category as Hollywood’s January – but she did compare their plight – that of their hair falling out after too much bleaching.

January has said my hair is falling out in clumps’ due to switching colours regularly for roles.

And now Jordan has chipped in.

Poor January Jones – I know exactly how she feels,’ she writes. You’d think they were bezzies or something!

I’m a typical, impulsive Gemini, so when I want to go from black or blonde or vice versa, I don’t do it gradually as I should but immediately…A tragic situation lurks beneath my extensions.’

Cry me a mascara-muddied river, Jordan (and, please, never compare yourself to Hollywood’s finest again).

Also, I don’t want to think about your scalp and what ‘lurks’ there. Ever. Again.

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