Here's why I'm a little bit in love with Katie Price

I arrive at the Katie Price press call for her new explosive tell-all book Love, Lipstick and Lies and she’s late.

I soon find out this is a well-known trait about Pricey, as one photographer starts holding a sweepstake on ‘how many minutes late she’ll be this time’.

The winner comes in at a just-about-bearable 27m. And Katie totally gets off on the hype.

Appearing with her bazookas packed into a flesh-coloured catsuit plastered with images of her own face in a total p*** take of her own self-obsession, she invites the winner to go on the other side of the camera and pose – looking marginally frightened – with her and a giant phallic lipstick.

See, Katie ain’t all sour-faced like she’s portrayed. She loves the banter!

And quickly I learn you should never judge a Katie Price by its cover.

That’s what I’d done – til I met her on Tuesday and grew little hearts in my eyes as I fell so in love with her. To. My. Absolute. Surprise.

See, I thought I’d figured out my opinion on Katie, 35. For 15 years, I’ve watched her mature from boob model to humungous boob model, to reality TV star and celebrity mum of the year – who’s not been so award-winning with her choice of guys.

But it’s different with Kieran Hayler this time, insists Katie, now on her third marriage. ‘There isn’t going to be a next time,’ she maintains.

And I believe her.

Because Kieran was there – and when he wasn’t looking after her children Princess and Junior – he was standing in the wings of the shoot beaming with pride at his Mrs.And both were completely starry-eyed over each other. So much so it actually made me feel a bit fuzzy inside.

But that’s what perhaps shocked me most.

Despite seeing Katie’s face everywhere – Katie actually hasn’t given a single press interview in three years, until now.

She defends: ‘But in those three or four years all the exes have done stories on me. Why is it OK for them to slag me off, even though it’s lies that they’ve said, and not for me to set the record straight?

‘If they shut up in the first place I wouldn’t have had to mention them.’

I think that’s called fair play.

And during the interviews she didn’t hold back.

Of course, you’ll have to wait until next week’s issue to find out all the goss on that – but Katie certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind. So much so, her press team is constantly on edge.

‘There’s things I want to say, but I can’t,’ laughs Katie. ‘My team are sh***ing themselves thinking what’s she going to say. I have to be careful. I don’t want to get sued again.’

It’s so refreshing!

And instead of darting off straight after, she even posed for a little piccie with me at the end. (Yes, I’m that uncool).


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