She might be mean, but sometimes the Pricey can be right. Does Katie Price deserve a CLAP or a SLAP?

She tells us over and over to never underestimate the Pricey.

So why is Katie Price, 35, one of the few celebrities who can still make me involuntarily choke in disbelief when I read her newspaper column?

This morning the pregnant mum-of-three took a pop at ‘everyone’s favourite’ daytime TV presenter Holly Willoughby, 32.

What could sweet, delightful bouncy haired mum-of-two Holly ever have done to provoke the wrath of the Pricey, you ask?

Well, of course it all comes down to Katie’s long-running feud with Holly‘s Celebrity Juice co-star Kelly Brook, 33.

This week Kelly claimed Katie had been ‘threatening’ her boyf Danny Cipriani, 25, by saying he should be ‘shitting’ himself over her autobiography.

Lashing out at Kelly might be a bit, you know, obvious. So as Holly has previously sided with the Brook, it should come as no surprise that she got well and truly clawed by Katie‘s perfectly manicured (and sharpened) talons today.

Talking about the BBC having to apologise for Holly wearing a cleavage-flashing dress on The Voice, Katie fumed: ‘Poor Jolly Holly Sticks Willoughby’ before adding: ‘She can’t think I’m all bad…I must check my wardrobe because I could have sworn it was one of my old frocks she was wearing when she made a BBC booby.’

Ouch. And Double Ouch.

But, now, here’s the thing.

And I’ll probably get some haters for this.

I’ve got to admit there’s some days when I find goody two shoes butter wouldn’t melt Holly Willoughby just a little too sweet to take.

So I couldn’t help but share a cruel giggle when I read Katie‘s latest tongue lashing.

I hated myself for it afterwards, but let’s face it – who doesn’t like a good catfight?

What’s more, Katie actually does talk some sense; Holly‘s dress does bear some resemblance to one of Jordan‘s old frocks.

And as she trades on her ‘humble girl-next-door’ brand, she really shouldn’t flash all that cleavage and leg. You’ve got to pick one or the other.

And, more than anything, what I quite like about Pricey‘s little outbursts, is that she quite often has a point. One that hurts like a sharp stake to the heart, but still a point.

So in celebration of Katie‘s sharp tongue, I’ve held my very own little test on her bitchiest comments of late – and whether they deserve a CLAP – or a SLAP!

In response to Kelly Brook laughing about hubby Kieran:
‘I’m sure kelly wouldn’t be laughing if I said the things Danny Cip (sic) said to me about her in the bedroom when I was with him hahaha.’
Slap! Bedroom skills are off limits.

On Cheryl Cole‘s famous purple and orange outfit she wore for US X Factor:
‘The whole thing is absolutely hideous. I don’t know who’s responsible for the outfit and the horrific hair but I hope Cheryl sacked them. It looks like she’s put on weight.’
Clap on the outfit, slap on the weight, that was below the belt.

On Posh claiming to be the size of the average British woman:
‘I think all this Californian sunshine is sending Posh senile because she is a size 6.’
Clap! Katie was bang on. It’s about time people remembered not all women are size 6.

On Alex Reids love life: ‘What have I done in the name of love? I f****d Alex Reid up the a*** with a vodka bottle’
Slap! Even I was shocked with that one!

On Frankie Boyle joking about disabilities:
‘Boyle’s wife could have a car accident and be paralysed from the neck down – then we’ll see if he jokes about people with disabilities.’
Eeek. Slap. Clap in principle, for sure, but she took it too far.

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