Surely it's time for Katie Price to stop digging up the past?

Katie Price has made ANOTHER dig at Jane Pountney, her former best friend who had a 10-month affair with Kate’s hubby, Kieran Hayler.

On Tuesday morning, Katie uploaded two identical photos of Jane onto her YouGossip account.

Next to the first picture, Ms Price wrote: ‘Whoops Jane Pountney from Storrington who had sex 4 10 months behind my back whilst I was pregnant.’

Ouch! On the second snap she added: ‘Whoops didn’t mean to put up jNe pountney from Storrington who now has no friends for sleeping with her best friend husbands whole wife pregnant.’

Jeez, is Kate STILL going on about this? Also, perhaps a spell check would be useful.

The photo upload comes just days after 36-year-old Katie took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve, making her final stab of the year at her pal.

Whilst everyone else was proclaiming their love for family and friends, at 11.55pm on 31 December Katie wrote: ‘Hopefully last time I mention them Jane Poutney & Chrissy Thomas to remind people they are biggest whores in the world and wish them a sh*t life forever and no matter how sexy they tried to be .. They lost the pricey win again;)’

Yikes! I kinda assumed that would be the end of Kate‘sdigs but obviously she’s continuing her tirade into 2015 as well.

Hmm, anyone else reckon it’s a little yawn-worthy now?

Whilst we can’t blame Katie for being absolutely livid at her ex-BFF, surely she should be equally mad at Kieran? After all, it takes two to tango, and Kieran, 27, was certainly well aware of his actions whilst he was sleeping with Jane.

Kieran admitted that his affair with Jane began in May 2013 when the pair began texting each other. Soon they were meeting up for sex. Last year, Kieran revealed: ‘The routine was usually the same. I would get into the passenger seat of Jane‘s car, she would jump on top of me and we would have sex.’

He added: ‘I didn’t wear a condom because it added to the risk and my heart was always racing.’

Nice. Not.

It wasn’t until April 2014 though that Katie found her stripper hubby and best friend kissing and touching each other on a sunbed in Cape Verde.

Although Kate is renewing her wedding vows with Kieran this year, the mother-of-five has actually admitted that she will never forgive her cheating husband.

In December she revealed: ‘I won’t forgive him and I won’t forget. But I love him and I’m sticking by him.’

I reckon that if she’s moving on with Kieran, she should perhaps drop the ‘I Hate Jane’ rants.

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