The latest celebrity craze – dropping your pants for the doctor to perk you up!

What is it with celebrities getting their bums out and begging for vitamin injections?

When I’m feeling a bit run down I don’t go to see my doctor, whip my pants down and ask for a shot to perk me up. I have an early night, drink a smoothie and chill out.

Now Kelly Brook is the latest celeb to have a jab in her bum to get her going.

‘A vitamin B12 shot in the bum does the job!’ Kelly Brook says. ‘They make you feel amazing – you go from a little bit groggy to ‘ding!’ It’s probably not that sensible though…’

Er, maybe it’s not that sensible but everyone seems to be at it.

Katy Perry has admitted to having the injection in her bum in the past.

And monkey lover Justin Bieber has had them too. He told Chelsea Handler – who’s also a fan of the pick-me-up – he was feeling a little wiped out and wasn’t looking forward to getting a B12 shot ‘in his butt’.

Madonna even got Justin Timberlake to drop his trousers and give him the injection herself!

‘We had a recording session in London and I wasn’t feeling well,’ Justin has said.
‘She said, “Would you like a B12 shot?” Then she proceeds to reach into her designer handbag and pulls out a Ziploc bag of designer syringes out. She looks at me and says, “Drop ’em”. I don’t know what to say to that, so I drop my pants. She gives me a B12 shot in my ass.’

Er, if Madonna tried to come near me with a needle I’d run a mile.

I get that B12 deficiency causes fatigue and feeling generally run down but surely it’s better to make sure you’re following a healthy diet – meat, eggs and dairy products are all major sources of B12 – and getting enough sleep than relying on a trip to the doctors to get you through a busy week?

Unless the doctor looks like Grey’s Anatomy‘s Patrick ‘McDreamy’ Dempsey that is…

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