Will Kelly Brook try to win back her 'one that got away'?


It’s every woman’s worst nightmare. Your heart is broken, you’re newly single and the wonderful future you envisaged with your dream man is in tatters – then you spot your ex looking hotter than ever and all loved-up with another woman.

When Strictly Come Dancing‘s hottest hunk, Thom Evans, made his dancefloor debut with his stunning partner Iveta Lukosiute on Saturday night, the chemistry was there for everyone to see… Thom gazed intensely into her eyes, held her ‘like glass’ and almost kissed her. Then the whole nation rushed out to buy a hat.

It couldn’t come at a worse time for Thom‘s ex fiancé, Kelly Brook, who also starred on Strictly in 2007 but had to pull out after the death of her father to lung cancer. She dumped her fiancé David McIntosh this weekend after suspecting he was cheating on her with his ex, Sarah Harper.

Kelly enjoyed a very public, whirlwind romance with David – they dated for nine months and even got engaged after just five months, but now it’s all over, with a heartbroken David insisting: ‘I did not cheat on Kelly what so ever! Kelly is my World and, other than my son, she’s the only person I’ve ever truly cared about in my life.’

So it begs the question, how long before Kelly – who has swung from one relationship to another – makes her move on ex, Strictly’s Thom?

We wouldn’t be surprised, given he’s her ‘one that got away’ and especially now she sees he’s on the verge of happiness all over again.

They were the perfect couple when they started dating in 2010, and together for two years but their romance ended after Kelly tragically miscarried twice. In her autobiography, Close Up, Kelly said the heartbreak of losing their child at six months brought them closer and revealed that in a bid to have a fresh start Thom proposed. But sadly, Kelly suffered another miscarriage a couple of months later and the relationship ended with Thom moving to LA without her.

You can’t blame us for guessing… It wouldn’t be the first time Kelly‘s reunited with an ex. She gave Danny Cipriani a couple of chances, dating for 22 months until June 2010, then reuniting just weeks after her split from his former teammate Thom, and in her autobiography she confessed she keeps in touch with Jason Statham.

Sexy Thom‘s electric performance on the dancefloor this weekend comes just days after he was photographed casually walking down the street reaching out to hold Iveta‘s hand but was left shunned, indicating the romance is still under wraps.

However a source close to Thom has admitted that ‘he is completely smitten.’ The pair are said to be spending almost every minute together near Thom’s home in Weybridge, Surrey, and Thom would like her to meet his parents.

Meanwhile, cheeky Strictly host Claudia Winkleman seemed to give the seal of approval to the new romance this weekend when she insisted she wanted Thom to kiss Iveta after their performance and even said she wants to be their bridesmaid!

So what’s going to happen next? Whatever happens…it won’t be long before Kelly’s back in the arms of some bloke or other.

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