TV presenter Kelly Osbourne shows off new, and most radical, tattoo

Oh Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. WHAT are you doing?!

Is the escaped convict look particularly fashionable nowadays?

Kelly Osbourne has proudly Instagrammed pictures of a new tattoo on the side of her head that simply says: Stories…’

Nice work, Kelly.

Looking at pictures like this just makes me feel even older than I am.

As a dad, all I can think of is her poor parents (although I think Ozzy Osbourne will secretly be quite proud!). When she posted the photos online, Kelly said: Sorry mum and dad but I love it…’

I, too, look nervously to the future when my two daughters start coming home looking like extras from Mad Max. Thanks for that, Kelly!

Kelly, who is the presenter of Fashion Police (please – someone call them!), decided on the bizarre new inking in a Hollywood tattoo parlour on Saturday night.

I suppose on the plus side, when she decides she doesn’t like it (which will be about, erm, now I reckon) she can grow her lovely purple hair to cover it. 

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