Most A-listers are too posh to push, but there are a few mums bucking the trend

There must be Viagra in the water in Tinseltown because it seems every week there’s a new A-list star announcing they’re up the duff, adopting or already have a secret tot stashed away in their mansions.

Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman… the list goes on, but with surrogacy, caesareans and any number of pain-killing drugs available, natural births have become so passé… until now.

Gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr popped her and hubby Orlando Bloom‘s sprog out into the world last week – and despite the hefty baby boy weighing in at almost 10lbs, the yoga enthusiast proudly revealed: ‘I did a natural birth too, no drugs or pain killers!’

Impressive, but spare a thought for John Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston, who, under the strict rules of religious cult Scientology, gave birth to their son in complete silence.

‘Silent birth is basically just no words, as much as possible,’ she revealed. No words? Not even a: ‘You did this to me, you $%*%£ &^^$%!’ But that’s the only fun part, right?

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