I love the newest Branning family addition - and I think Kierston's lips look great

I’m loving Kierston Wareing‘s work on EastEnders.

She’s shining as serial philanderer Max Branning‘s bitchy new wife, Kirsty Branning.

He does love a blonde or two. Or three.

Kierston is awesome and perfect for Albert Square.

I’ve loved her and her acting skills since 2009’s Fish Tank – a gritty film in which she played a slightly unhinged mum, opposite Michael Fassbender (who happens to be having an affair with her daughter in the film. Ouch).

Kierston was also great as Heather in 2011’s Top Boy – a nail-biting drama about gangs on Channel 4.

See, she’s not one to only go for easy roles. ‘Gritty’ should be Kierston‘s middle name.

So what’s all this I hear about Kierston‘s lips?

Apparently people – and another soap star, who I won’t name, because her Tweets on the matter have been taken down – are having a good old goss that Kierston‘s had her lips done.

Has she? Kierston‘s spokesperson declined to comment.

And even so, who cares?!

Why is this brilliant, bright and beautiful actress getting judged on her pout, and not her acting skills?

Come on guys. Change the record.

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