Coronation Street producers are making a mistake if they kill off Michelle Keegan's character Tina.

Michelle Keegan must be really regretting her decision to quit Coronation Street.

Instead of giving her a lovely send off – ie, seeing her character Tina head off down south or something equally rosy – the Corrie scripwriters have supposedly decided to kill her off in a shocking whodunnit!

Oh what a dumb idea! As EastEnders‘ producers have learnt from their numerous culls over the years, killing off too many of your banker stars means you’ll end up stuck for a good character when the ratings dip.

Sure, a death is always dramatic (and easy work for an actor, who just has to lie there), but think long term, Corrie people. Tina’s young and has so much to offer!

Why don’t you just pack her off to see the world for a few years. Then should Miche fancy a return to the cobbles when she’s older, she can waltz right back in looking amazing at 40! 

Kill her off and it draws a very definite line under her character.

Well, actually that’s not entirely true. As the mighty Dynasty has proven, death isn’t actually the end of a character! If the scriptwriters are desperate enough, then Tina’s sudden return years later could be explained away by the fact she either faked her death, that she had a long lost twin sister, or that her death was just a dream! 

Sorry Corrie bods, please think carefully before you decide the fate of Tina! You might be sorry!

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