Why Kim Kardashian getting a stylist for a baby is a big no-no

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a stylist for their one-year-old daughter?


What does a one-year-old need a stylist for – what’s wrong with a comfy babygrow, and some good old-fashioned hand-me-downs from big sis Kourtney Kardashian‘s brood?

This power couple are taking things a step too far. Clearly they are intent on making North West the greatest fashionista the world has ever known, but hold on a minute, this little girl needs a breather from tight leather pants and black lace tops, to just be a kid and express herself, rather than getting tarted up to the nines.

We’ve all been there, wanting our kids to look the cutest at the playdates and birthday parties – but day in and day out? Give us a break. Even a kiddy needs a day off to chill out and draw and drool in casuals.

Not to mention the added cost of having a stylist – sure it’s a drop in the ocean for Kimye, but not for the everyday parent with babies and toddlers. And that’s before they get to primary school and start demanding the hottest new trainers that everyone is rocking in the playground.

Also, as a parent, I enjoy picking out clothes for my son even though there have been a few embarrassing ankle-swingers moments (eek!), it’s still fun, and I’d be a bit annoyed if someone else got to style him.

Kimye should take a leaf out of Brangelina’s book. Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have loads of cash too, but they don’t waste it on stylists for their kids.

And if they did we’d never know about it from the way they dress. (No offence). Check out their daughter Shiloh’s relaxed style, how she loves to wear boys’ clothes and her parents just let her so she can express herself. And she looks great.

I just hope that when little North gets to the age when she wants to pick her own clothes out and head out in a princess dress with odd socks on, her parents will let her so she can develop her own identity and sense of style.

Instead of just wearing designer labels to Keep Up With The Kardashians…

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