FFS! Just cos Kim Kardashian's a mum don’t mean she ain’t still a sexy woman

Right then. *stretches fingers*

It’s been a while since I’ve had a little rant. But I am well riled by the horrible backlash Kim Kardashian has received for posting that booty-rich picture on Instagram to show off her incredible post-baby weight loss.

Dressed in a white swimsuit and flexing a bit of sideboob, Kim, 32, posted the selfie and captioned the photo #NoFilter – a hastag I usually despise.

However, in The Kim K Case, it was more than appropriate – because the unenhanced photo revealed there wasn’t a single bobble of cellulite or stretch mark in sight.

‘Twas so impressive, the smoldering snap instantly made headlines and received 99.9k ‘likes’ within half an hour.

But then came the backlash. Groan.

Instead of celebrating Kim’s achievement, the reality star suddenly came under fire from peeps who felt the image was inappropriate’ now that she’s a mum to daughter North and all.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Kim Kardashian you are a MOTHER now I don’t think posting pictures of your a** on Instagram is appropriate’.

While others have sent her Direct Messages reportedly calling her ‘nasty’, ‘disgusting’, and looking ‘nauseatingly huge’.

And this is where I go ARGH.

Just because Kim’s a mum now doesn’t mean she has to hang up her identity as one of the world’s sexiest women. Struth!

It’s what she’s worked so hard for and has made her millions from.

It’s. Who. She. Is.

So is it really little wonder Kim wants to show off her new fit fig?

Now, I’m yet to become a mamma, but I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be to lose over 2st of pregnancy weight – while looking after an actual baby.

It’s hard enough just staying in shape anyways.

When I’m tired, stressed out and emotional you’ll find me under my desk guiltily tearing open my secret stash of Haribo. Packet after packet.

Before casually strolling up to the communal NOW biscuit tin praying my journo buddies haven’t noticed it’s my fifth dip in.

But despite the overwhelming pressures that motherhood brings, Kim has managed to shift 25lb by working out with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson and following a revamped version of the Atkins diet where complex carbs are reintroduced.

So whether or not Kim’s big booty and killer curves are you’re kinda thing, her hard work should be applauded.

She’s always been a self-publicist.

Yes she’s a mum now, but she’s still the same Kim.

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