As Kim Kardashian prepares for her wedding tomorrow, I'm in awe of the sexiest celebrity bride EVER!

Don’t judge me but I think I’m probably more excited about Kim Kardashian‘s wedding this weekend than my own birthday (which incidentally isn’t tomorrow).

As Kim makes her final preparations before she ties the knot with Kanye West in Florence on Saturday, far from virginal bride, she’s ramping up her sex appeal to maximum volume leaving me in no doubt that she’ll be literally dripping sex appeal as she sashays that awesome booty down the aisle. Kanye, you’re a very lucky man.

Obviously bored with bodycon, Kim‘s taken it to a whole new level in the French capital by rocking barely there leotards to waltz about in Paris leaving very little to the imagination (side boob? check. Visible nipple? Check). I’m half expecting her actual wedding gown to be made of nude coloured pvc such is her dedication to the cause.

Kim has been keeping up her gruelling work out regime with regular trips to the gym even the day before the wedding. You can be sure that her banging post-baby body is going to be in incredible shape for the big day.

I don’t know what super sexy outfits she has in store for the final few days before the wedding (I’m half expecting her to swan out of her hotel wearing the white swimsuit from that infamous belfie Instagram) but I just KNOW that when it comes to sexy bride, nobody will do it better than Kim. Let’s hope Kanye can manage to stay in a different room the night before the big day!

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