Kim Kardashian has gone off on one about the perils of being a mum, but how much graft does she actually do?

Exactly what planet is Kim Kardashian on?

The socialite has reposted some words on the trials and tribulations of being a mum to her Instagram page, which are very touching and moving – until you realise not much of them actually relate to her.

Writing on her page she said she’s seen a post about motherhood that she ‘loves’: ‘Shoutout to all of the moms out there! Hardest, most rewarding & best job in the entire world!!! This couldn’t be more true! #ProudMom’.

Next to her caption was this message:

‘I can’t stand it when people say, “You’re just a mom?” Yes, I am a Mom! That makes me an alarm clock, cook, maid, waitress, teacher, nurse, referee, handyman, security officer, photographer, counselor, chauffeur, event planner, hairdresser, personal assistant, ATM & I scare away the boogie man. I don’t get paid holidays, sick pay or days off. I work DAY and NIGHT. I am on call for 24/7 for the rest of my life. That’s just BEING A MOM!!! I may not be anything to you but I am everything to someone!!
‘Repost if you’re a proud mom, that would do ANYTHING on this planet for their child.’

This is all very well, but how much of this stuff does Kim actually do by herself?

Kim may like to compare herself to us other mums but let’s face it, she has a lot of help. While having a child is indeed a relentless 24/7 job, Kim has the luxury of being able to offload work to her staff.

While normal mums slave over the stove, while juggling storytime; feed our little ones their morning porridge while applying concealer to hide the dark circles under our eyes from being up through the night nursing them through high temperatures and snotty noses… I’m sure it’s not the same story in Kimmy‘s house.

No, Kim is fortunate enough to have a nanny (and no doubt a night nurse) for her 20-month-old toddler North West.

This meant Kim had the valuable extra time to get her body back in shape within a couple of months of giving birth, by heading down the gym as often as she needed. It was because she had the luxury of an extra pair of hands that she could preen and pamper herself into such great shape that she was able to break the internet last year by bearing her bottom and toned slimline tummy.

The average mum has to squeeze in exercise where they can – and by ‘exercise’ I mean lifting your baby in the air in place of weights, racing to Mothercare with the stroller and strapping your baby to your front in a baby carrier while you attempt a few yoga positions to try and grab a few moments of zen.

Make no mistake, Kim is a doting mum who adores her daughter North, and is indeed very attentive to her needs, celebrating loving moments including when Nori took her first steps.

But I disagree that Kim does most of the slog that us normal mums do.

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