You might as well make the most of your adorable tot, writes Sarah Tetteh

Let’s face it, we all secretly love showing them off and having them cooed over. So, what’s wrong with treating your kiddie as an accessory? It’s not like we can afford expensive designer handbags (any money we might have had has all gone on nappies) so let’s parade our tots instead.

Sharon Osbourne has laid into Kim Kardashian for parading North West as an ‘accessory’.
It comes after North has been seen wearing what looks like fur on a few occasions.

‘(Fur) makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are. Our grandparents did it, but now we’ve been educated, it’s cruel to keep the trade going,’ Sharon says.

She adds: ‘North isn’t an accessory. She shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes.’

If it’s true about North wearing real fur, then Mrs O makes a good point. But otherwise there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in the tot you’ve carried for nine months and showing them off a bit.

As mums you put up with tears, tantrums, sleepless nights, and leaky boobs, so why not milk the best bits of having a baby too: Their cuteness.

has been blessed with good genes, so Kim and Kanye are making the most of her cuteness like any other adoring parents.

I’m a culprit too, co-ordinating my son’s fashion to match mine. Shameless I know. But I know I’m not the only one. What else is Facebook used for these days if not for gratuitous pictures of tots?
Tots eating their breakfast, dressing as princesses or as cute cowboys, as Santa Claus, you name it, we’re all guilty of it.

Ok, so putting your 21-month-old in leather leggings and a bullet proof vest is a bit far fetched Kimye – but I see where they are going with it and they are having fun with their child’s wardrobe.

I’ll keep dressing my son up as Father Christmas every year until he is old enough to tell me ‘No, Mum. Get a grip.’

Perhaps there is more to this feud between the Osbournes and Kardashians than meets the eye.

and her eccentric family also shot to fame on reality TV show The Osbournes, which back then was as big as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so perhaps there is a touch of the green-eyed monster there?

Sharon also had her kids thrust into the limelight at a young age as the world fell in love with their quirky ways, so it could be said that Sharon was using her kids as an accessory too.
Pot. Kettle. Black. Anyone?