Cervix selfie anyone? I'm pregnant too but I certainly WON'T be doing a Kimberley Walsh and filming my baby’s birth

Kimberley Walsh is expecting the arrival of her first child with long-term partner Justin Scott within the next few weeks and has announced she’d like the special moment to be filmed.

‘I’m excited about meeting my baby,’ she gushed. ‘I’d like Justin to film the birth’

I have two words. No. Thanks.

I’m due to have baby number two next month, and seeing as I dread having my photo taken when I’m fully clothed and not 36 hours into pushing something the size of a watermelon out of my body, I can’t imagine I’ll be keen to pose up for some ‘cervix selfies’.

Okay I understand that this is a massive life event which Kimberley might want to cherish forever. But seriously Kimbers – have you really thought this through? Just as you’re huffing and puffing in the final strains of labour Justin will be struggling to hold the camera straight and worrying about the zoom function rather than being there to hold your hand.

Not to mention the fact that rather than experience what is an incredible and intimate moment, he’ll have had to watch the whole thing through a camera lens.

Some might argue that I’m missing out on the opportunity to witness an amazing life event. You know what? I’ve seen One Born Every Minute. I know what happens, thanks.

And my experience of my first baby emerging into the world was pretty special. Seeing the actual ‘live action end’ of what was going on with all that blood and I-hate-to-imagine-what-else would absolutely destroy that beautiful moment which remains in my mind.

So trust me, Kimberley. You’ll have a wealth of special moments in the years to come that you’ll be able to capture on film.

Y’know, ones that you won’t have to bury in a safe in the garden case anyone who is not you or your other half discovers them! *shudder*

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