Kids should be kids, not miniature adults, Kourtney

Desperate to read something other than Royal baby news, I scoured the web and found this creepy picture of Kourtney Kardashian‘s daughter.

Perhaps reading about poor whole-world-waiting-for-me-to-give-birth Kate Middleton would have been a better option after all.

What chance does baby Penelope have in life if her mother is dressing her in a leopard-print string bikini at the age of one?

Images like this sicken me. Kids should be kids, not dressed up as mini adults. Not only is Kourtney wrong for buying such an inappropriate garment, in my opinion the manufacturer is wrong for making it.

The other day my nine-year-old step-daughter and I were in a high street shop. A girl who couldn’t have been much older than two was plonked on a chair in the window and the mother tried to distract the child with a teddy bear while she had her ears pierced.

We couldn’t help but look on with morbid curiosity – both ears were punctured at the same time and the toddler let out an almighty scream.

All for the sake of a couple of studs, for which she has no say or choice. Even my step-daughter could see that was wrong.

Oh, and another thing to point out, Kourtney‘s daughter wasn’t wearing a nappy when swimming in that Miami pool – gross.

I wouldn’t want to wade in after them, swimming pool water is riddled with germs and filth at the best of times.

Kids only have a few years being young and innocent – save the bikinis and earrings for when they become adults.

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