Us Brits might have to wait a bit longer for festivals to start, but US festival Coachella has got me right in the mood

How jealous have I been watching all the celebs at US Festival Coachella this week?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson walked along hand in hand soaking up the sun, heading off to hang out with Katy Perry.

Vanessa Hudgens dressed down in a tie-dyed maxi skirt with a must-have festival accessory, a large sunflower.

And Nick Grimshaw was having it large with Pixie Geldof and Rita Ora.

Yes that’s right, festival season is upon us, but unfortunately in the UK we haven’t been that much in the mood for festivals yet, what with it being FREEZING COLD!

But hang on, what’s that I see in the sky? Could it be – no surely not – it’s only the sun!

Stepping out yesterday in the balmy 19 degree heat of London, I had one thing on my mind… festivals!

I’ve already got tickets for The Stone Roses at Finsbury Park in June, but I’m gagging to get to some others.

Unfortunately, when the festivals really kick in I’ll be seven months pregnant, so there will be no lazing on the grass with a pint of refreshing cider waiting for the Rolling Stones for me.

For now I’m going to be taking a (sunflower) leaf out of Vanessa Hudgens’ book, dressing like I’m about to set foot in the fields of Glastonbury, and will be mostly wearing tie-dyed dresses and having my hair in plaits.

Well, if you can’t join them, then you can certainly look like them!

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