Kristen Stewart needs to see the funny side – at least they didn’t write ‘I love Rupert!’

Hi.lar.i.ous. Whichever joker wrote I love Rob’ on Kristen Stewarts car deserves a medal.

The non-smiley one looked mightily miffed when she returned to her parked car in LA, only to see some genius had scrawled the message in the dirt on the bonnet.

Most people would be able to laugh at themselves, but K-Stew was 100 per cent glum, glum, glum.

Did the former Twilight star not see the bright side of this little jape? It would have been a lot worse if it said I love Rupert’! after she had to publicly apologise for cheating with married film director Rupert Sanders, 41 last July. 

But in honour of this little jape, here’s my favourite celebrity pranks…

Simon Cowell helped Ant and Dec prank Piers Morgan by making him think he’d destroyed a valuable painting he’d just bought. Piers had been invited to Simon‘s office which had been rigged with cameras. When Simon left the room, his new painting was rigged to a device to make it crash to the floor leaving normally chatty Piers lost for words

Nicole Richie admitting to hacking pal Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter account and writing: Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is ffooooiiinnneee!’. Sister Khloe made it worse by then saying Kim had stomach problems and was chained to the loo. With friends like that…

Ashton Kutcher sent his Punk’d crew to Justin Timberlake‘s house, pretending to be government agents repossessing his belongings because of £600,000 unpaid taxes. They even smashed up one of his guitars and made him cry (a river) when they said they were taking his dogs!

See, K-Stew? It could have been worse…


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