Come on guys! What's really going on...


It hasn’t been a good week for celeb couples. No sooner had Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead put us out of OUR six month misery and finally admitted that their marriage was over and it was reported that Kym Marsh and beefcake hubby Jamie Lomas‘ one year old marriage was also on the rocks! Again!

The story, according to sources, is that with Kym up in Manchester shooting Coronation Street and Jamie down south earning a wage on EastEnders, their relationship is supposedly going through a tricky patch because they are leading separate lives. Oh yes, that old chestnut!

But is it true? Afterall it’s just hearsay that their marriage is in trouble, thanks to anonymous sources. I really hope it’s not.

People will be snooping into their private life and speculating about what actually is going in behind the scenes. Just as they did with Denise and Lee.

In both cases neither couple have stepped up to set the record straight and have refused to be drawn on what is going on in their relationships, preferring to maintain a dignified silence.

Only dignified silences, we find, only encourage more and more people to snoop into their private lives.

Of course our favourite stars deserve a private life. Of sorts.

But they have to remember that when they signed up for this showbiz malarkey they left part of that privacy at the door, so they only have to expect magazines like Now to be on their case to inform their loyal readers what’s going on in their fave celebs’ lives!

Keeping tight lipped doesn’t help anyone, especially the star, who will only end up being bombarded with a barrage of intrusive questions from journos at events or quizzical looks from the public when they see them moping about the sanitary towel section of the local Co-op!

Which begs the question, why keep schtum? Could it be a case that these celebs love to dangle a carrot? Are they enjoying the fuss of everyone talking about their troubled predicament?

As my psychologist pal reminds me – stars crave attention. They love the fact that the world is talking about them, otherwise they’d be just as happy treading the boards in some local pub theatre.

Could they be seeking the support of the public in their darkest moments or could they even be more cynical like some reality stars and play the drama out in the media to gain headlines and maintain their public profile?

No one likes to see a couple split and I’m particularly sad to see Denise and Lee go their separate ways. And I just hope Kym and Jamie aren’t going the same way.

But look celebs – do yourself a favour – don’t string people along. Be honest, come clean and then you’ll find you’ll be left alone to deal with your marriage problems with out any interference from anyone!

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