Stephanie Pratt admits she could fancy him in a ‘sexual way’ and Lauren Goodger’s mum wants him to have her grandchildren. What IS it with George Gilbey?

Gogglebox‘s George Gilbey may have entered the house as one of the lesser-known faces, with Hollywood legend Lesley Jordan and headline hitting Kellie Maloney to compete with.

But after one week in there, George has certainly captured some hearts.

In just seven days, we’ve seen George grow closer and closer to former Made in Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt, flirt with ex-TOWIE member Lauren Goodger and even win the favour of Lauren‘s mum, who wants him to father her grandchildren.


We can’t help but wonder – what exactly does the reality star have hiding under that shirt of his?! It can’t *just* be his unusual Cockney ‘charm’ that’s winning all of the ladies’ attention, can it?

At the beginning of the series, things seemed to hot up between George and Lauren, who were filmed flirting in the pool.

Lauren had her arms around George as he carried her through the water, while other housemates looked on.

When Lauren asked George if she ‘looked ugly’ (subtle as ever, Loz), he replied, ‘No, you never look ugly.’ Aww!

This week, Lauren‘s mum Cheryl has spoken out about the pair’s relationship. ‘I absolutely love George,’ she said. ‘I would be honoured if he fathered my grandchildren.’

So, will we be hearing the pitter-patter of little ‘Goodgbey’ feet any time soon? (It worked in my head).

Well, after a few days of flirting, the couple seemed to call time on the potential romance.
Damn it! Sorry, mum Goodger.

But there’s still hope for some CBB love, as Lauren moved onto ex-Geordie Shore lad Ricci Guarnaccio and George set his sights on former MIC beauty Stephanie Pratt.

But he had no chance, right?


After a string of hilariously bad chat up lines – ‘You’re my first, my last, my everything,’ for example – Stephanie is actually starting to fall for the loveable Gogglebox star!

When asked by another housemate if she ‘loves’ George, Stephanie admitted that she does. YAY!
But she also added that she could only love him in a sexual way ‘one day when he matures’.

Stephanie‘s admission came this week after George decided to give the reality star ‘a present a day’ until one of them leaves the house – the latest being a paper bowl with the words ‘I love eww’ cut out of it, referencing her well-used catch phrase.

‘I have never had a gift like this before!’ gushed Stephanie.
‘Who needs money to create romance?’ he replied.

Well George, at least there is hope in the future. In your own words, you’re ‘getting there’.

One more paper bowl, lad, and you might even be in with a peck on the cheek.

In the meantime, can you just lift up your shirt please? WE NEED TO KNOW.

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