It’s the Now video message that has moved the nation to tears of empathy and, er, hilarity

Poor Alex Reid.

When it comes to women he just never seems to get it right, does he?

First he was publically – and humiliatingly – dumped by Jordan, accompanied by a long statement about his failings.

Then, this month, he was publically – and humiliatingly – dumped by Chantelle Houghton, this time in less than 140 characters, on Twitter.

Two female celebs with more pulling-power than him, both broke his heart after 18 months in his company.

Even if, as some people have put it, he was a ‘ desperate publicity-seeker’, that’s got to hurt. A lot.

And so last week Alex was left with two options.

Slink back home to his parents, clutching his KFC bucket and gym kit, with his head hung in shame.

Or come out fighting.

For a cage fighter, it was only ever going to be the latter.

So, how could Alex get Chantelle to actually LISTEN to the fact that he genuinely, genuinely wanted her back?

For a couple who have lived their relationship in front of the cameras – he proposed to her on national TV for God’s sake – doing things publically is all he’s ever known.

What he did next – recording a video for Now magazine – has divided the nation.

Loose Women debated it on their ITV1 show today. The Mirror Online has even created a spoof video response to his message.

So, did Alex do the right thing?

Yes his decision to team up with Now and make an impassioned video plea to Chantelle was unusual.

Yes it might have been wiser to keep his feelings private.

But why should he?

Here is a man who feels as comfortable in front of the cameras as we do downing a glass of Pinot.

His wedding day to Jordan was all caught on camera.

And let’s not forget his bit-part on Hollyoaks.

Do you genuinely believe that if YOU desperately wanted to get back with the parent of your child you wouldn’t do anything, and I mean, ANYTHING to get them back?



* Read Dan Wootton’s bombshell interview with Alex Reid in this week’s issue of Now

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