I can't be the only one who reckons Sheridan Smith definitely ISN'T in the wrong if she's dating this Hollyoaks actor, says Now's Lucy Gornall

Actress Sheridan Smith is hardly Miss Popular at the mo, after reports have documented her alleged new blossoming relationship with a married man.

Yup, Cilla star Sheridan is rumoured to be dating Hollyoaks actor and super-babe Greg Wood, who has been wed to wife Catherine for ten years. Yikes!

The pair were seen getting cosy at last week’s National Television Awards, and have reportedly also been seen smooching at a top Liverpool restaurant.

Sounds bad right? Well, let’s just take a look at the bigger picture because I reckon Sheridan is being painted as a bit of an unnecessary villain here.

Greg, who plays Trevor Royle in the popular Channel 4 soap, actually split from Catherine last summer, meaning his marital status is purely that. A status. That’s it.

Greg took to Twitter at the weekend and wrote: ‘I am single, my ex and I separated last summer and are currently going through a divorce.’

Hmm, Sheridan‘s relationship doesn’t sound so scandalous anymore, does it?

If rumours are correct, Ms Smith began dating Greg three months after his split. The pair apparently enjoyed a series of Twitter messages shortly after Greg moved out of his marital home, which he shared with Catherine and their three children.

So, technically, when he supposedly started hooking up with Sheridan, Greg had, a) broken up with his ex and b) had actually moved out?!

Blimey, someone call the relationship police on that one. I mean, c’mon. Clearly Greg and Catherine’s marriage had gone down the pan and it’s hardly a crime for him to embark on a new relationship, is it?

PLENTY of celebrities have kissed/dated/slept-with/had kids with, taken men and women so this is hardly front cover news is it


Big. Deal.

If true, I reckon congrats are in the order for pixie-haired Sheridan!

After all, her last romance was with Amy Winehouse‘s ex, Reg Travis, which actually ended THREE years ago so it’s obviously been a while.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is; Sheridan, screw the haters and have fun! He’s single, you’re single, what’s the problem?

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