There's nothing wrong with Stacey Solomon's white teeth

Poor Stacey Solomon!

For the last 24 hours, all I’ve been hearing is people banging on about Stacey Solomon‘s day-glo white teeth and orange fake tan combo.

As celebrity scandals go, is this really a big deal? Apparently so – it seems that everywhere I go, Stacey Solomon‘s picture has been plastered across almost every website, newspaper and social media feed.

I’ve even received numerous press releases from PRs with tips and tricks on how to avoid such a massive make-up fail.

OMG! Get over it people.

As if no one else has made a similar mistake in their lifetime! It’s easily done. Stacey Solomon just happens to be in the public eye, which makes it all too easy to point out her imperfections.

It might not have been Stacey Solomon‘s best look ever, but fake tan washes away. And as for her white teeth, which celebrity hasn’t transformed their old tea-stained gnashers into brand new camera-ready sparklers? 

For those who don’t believe me, just check out Now‘s gallery of showbiz smiles.

So I say leave Stacey Solomon alone. For an ex-X Factor contestant, she’s managed to forge a successful career just by being her wonderful, bubbly self.

And that’s why the UK fell in love with her in the first place.

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