Yes her operation is shocking, but that doesn't mean you should judge her

Last week I interviewed Chloe Sims from The Only Way Is Essex as part of an in-depth feature NOW is running on stars speaking candidly about how they learnt to love their bodies – in all their different shapes and sizes.

In order to feel genuinely happy with her bod, Chloe decided to undergo a painful butt lift procedure, because she’s always hated what she referred to as her flat, granny bum’.

Yes the operation was shocking – I interviewed her just hours after she’d had it and hearing the finer details is not for the squeamish!

But I wasn’t prepared for the huge controversy it would cause when our exclusive hit the news stands on Tuesday.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion on Chloe’s surgery.

Some questioned if the pictures had been doctored. I can categorically confirm they have not been retouched/airbrushed/messed about with in any way – that IS Ms Sims’ butt!

Many said Chloe was, among other adjectives, mad’, stupid’, crazy’, vain’ and tragic’ for getting the procedure.

Having spoken to her first-hand about why she did it, I think she’s actually smart’, sweet’ and normal’.

For all those who doubt her reasons for having the procedure or think that she’s just some superficial bimbo who wanted a bum lift on a whim, I can tell you that after spending hours talking to her I know she genuinely felt distressed and has battled for years with her own form of body dysmorphia.

She admitted to me: ‘I know there are more important things in life, like having good health, but I just couldn’t help it. I tried everything possible to overcome my body insecurities.’

There are other characters on TOWIE who definitely live up to the thick Essex stereotype.

But while Chloe might think Paris is the capital of Europe or may not be able to tell you who Guy Fawkes was, when it comes to her body, she’s refreshingly honest and shrewd about it.

Simply: her bum made her feel insecure, to the point where it upset her, so she got it changed.

Chloe could’ve had full-on bum implants – surgery that’s like a boob job for your butt – but felt her procedure, where her own fat was sucked out of her stomach and injected into her buttocks, was safer because it’s reversible and there’s less risk of infection.

If she was as dumb as everyone’s saying, I doubt a little thing like safety would’ve put Chloe off.

Yes, as women we should categorically love our bodies and celebrate what we’ve got, every curve and bump of it.

But if this surgery’s made Chloe feel happier, more confident and really love her body for the first time in her life – then what’s your problem with it?

* Read my full interview with Chloe Sims in this week’s issue of Now

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