Now's Thea de Gallier thinks that, in the name of equality, it's time to stop laughing at Lenny Kravitz's man parts

We’ve all seen it. Nope, not Kim Kardashian’s bum (but we have all seen that too). I’m talking about Lenny Kravitz willy, which is making its way around the internet faster than a One Direction fangirl on a tweeting spree.

The thing is, it is quite funny. Lenny was getting into his stride on stage in Sweden so much that his incredibly tight leather trousers split straight down the crotch, leaving his peen hanging free for all to see, not to mention trending on Twitter. He even saw the funny side himself, tweeting a text he received from Steven Tyler with the hashtag #penisgate.

It’s an incredibly re-tweetable incident, not least because going commando in those leather trews must have been sweaty as hell, so hats off to Lenny Kravitz, really, and also kind of eww. But really, guys, it’s just a penis. Half the population’s got one. Shouldn’t we all, you know, calm down a bit?

Just imagine, for a minute, that it wasn’t Lenny who had a wardrobe malfunction, but, say, Taylor Swift. Internet-wide coverage of an exposed boob would definitely happen, but you can guarantee some would see it as unnecessary and misogynistic.

Of course, women are subject to far more ‘wardrobe malfunction’ or ‘nip-slip’ coverage than men. A bit of sideboob or bum cheek is often used to criticise them, but can you imagine reacting in the same way to a rogue nipple as some did to Lenny’s todger? ‘It’s not even 8am, and [insert female celebrity here]’s boob is putting me off my breakfast’ is not a tweet anyone would write.

So why are we all going in on the Kravitz willy? Sure, a lot of the reactions ARE funny, but there’d be uproar if any of those reactions referred to a female celebrity. Admittedly, Lenny doesn’t seem bothered by #penisgate, but if we’re trying to cut down on the whole body-shaming thing, it’s probably time we cut him some sack. Sorry, slack.

Also, this guy is asking a very important question:

Lenny Kravitz is finding celibacy very hard