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When pictures emerged at the weekend of X Factor icon Leona Lewis on an intimate date with her ex-boyfriend Dennis Jauch, I wasn’t at all surprised.

In my Now interview, out this week, the 27-year-old singer reveals she still loves’ the German dancer and admits her brief romance with One Direction hunk Liam Payne is now well and truly over.

I first met Leona on the night she won the final of The X Factor way back in 2006 and, while she still exudes serenity in person, it is a bolder and more confident woman I encountered. And she was prepared to open up about her love life more than ever before.

Liam and Leona could have been Britain’s hottest new showbiz couple after going out on at least two dates earlier this year. But she made it crystal clear their relationship is now only platonic.

It’s not going there. We’re friends now,’ she told me firmly when I pushed the issue.

I’m never one to give up so I told her I’ve always found Liam to be mature and polite, very much boyfriend material. Leona cracked up hysterically but then answered firmly: Maybe! But I’m just doing me right now.’

However, when it came to Dennis, it was a different story. Her eyes lit up as she revealed: I love him and respect him, and we still do have a relationship now.’

Leona then admitted she finds it hard to be single, making it pretty obvious a full-blown reunion with Dennis is now on the cards. Don’t get me wrong,’ she sighed. I love to be in love. I’m one of those people who falls in love so quickly.’

Part of me is disappointed Leona and Liam didn’t work out. I think they were perfectly suited and it would have been exciting to see two of X Factor‘s biggest success stories come together as a power couple.

But while I’m sure she enjoyed the attention from Liam, who is eight years her junior of course, it seems clear to me that her heart lies with Dennis.

Either way, Leona‘s new album Glassheart is a perfect accompaniment to her latest love dilemmas. It’s packed full of beautiful power pop ballads about heartbreak. I couldn’t stop listening to it on a recent holiday to Croatia. Hot tip: Shake You Up is an awesome 1980s-inspired dance tune.

– To find out why Leona Lewis thinks Liam Payne is like a ‘dad’, read Dan Wootton‘s full interview in Now Magazine dated 11 December 2012 – out now!

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