Wedding guest lists always reveal the truth about what someone thinks of you. I should know...

A few years ago we received a wedding invite in the post. On paper it looked like any other invite. We cordially invite you yadda yadda.

But there was one glaring thing that stood out that was wrong with it – it only had my fella’s name on it.

In handwritten scrawl at the end of the accompanying bumph the bride-to-be had added, almost as a last minute consideration: Victoria – we’d love to see you at the evening do’.

The EVENING do? So let me get this right – I miss the best bit (the speeches) and then have to meet up with my man when he’s steaming drunk and all I get for my efforts is a cold sausage roll?
Well, I’m certainly not going to bother going to that,’ I told my other half, in a huff.

He tried to talk me down. Pointed out a few facts – I’d only met the bride once before, barely knew the groom, and certainly never would have invited them to my wedding. But. Whatever. It’s the principle. How could you invite one person and then not invite his plus one – and not just any old plus one, I was his fiancé.

He went to the wedding on his own. And I’ve never met up with the couple again.

Fast forward to last summer, when I was planning my own wedding, and I found myself in a similar situation. We wrote out our dream list of people we’d like to have at our big day. Then realised we had to half it. A few people I love – but hadn’t seen for over a year – had to be culled. Some were probably secretly seething as much as I was when they found out. Some may never speak to me again.

But I’m in good company. Kate Middleton and Wills had the space and money to invite 1,900 guests to their wedding but they STILL managed to leave one person disgruntled.

Miffed Lily Allen even took to Twitter: “Why does bl**dy Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert too!”

The truth though, that I reasoned with myself, is that if someone is a real friend, then they’ll understand.

And that’s the hard truth Lily will need to digest. If you were a real friend of Kate and Wills then, let’s face it, would you REALLY decide to moan at a time when Miss Middleton is enjoying the most exciting time of her life?

Nuff said.

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