I'm so relieved Lindsay Lohan's getting the chance to clean up her act, once and for all

There are certain truths in the world that we must accept – the sun lights up the sky, the rain comes from the clouds… and Lindsay Lohan is constantly in trouble with the law.

Since 2007, Lindsay Lohan‘s spent 250 days in five rehab facilities, served approximately two weeks behind bars, lived 35 days under house arrest and worked about 67 days of community service at a morgue. 

In fact, Lindsay Lohan‘s name has become so synonymous with being up to no good that rapper Pitbull’s song Give Me Everything immortalised her notoriety with the lyrics, ‘I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan‘. 

So it isn’t at all shocking that yesterday, Lindsay Lohan made a plea deal to settle criminal charges against her. She’s agreed to spend 90 days in a locked rehab facility, perform 30 days of community labour and undergo 18 months of psychotherapy.

And up until today, I have to admit I’ve remained pretty indifferent to Lindsay Lohan‘s struggle to kick her bad habits.

Every court appearance and mug shot seemed to me like it was just part of a script, carefully played out to cause maximum controversy.

One moment Lindsay Lohan would be flaunting an F-U manicure in front of a judge, the next she’d be draping her naked body with a diaphanous pink veil for a magazine cover shoot, declaring her comeback had finally arrived.

I’ve always had other things to do than join the circus of people who got off on watching Lindsay Lohan‘s career self-combust.

But as I scrolled through the pictures of a puffy-eyed and vacant Lindsay Lohan in court this morning, I surprised myself by caring. Like, really wishing I could give her a hug (having taken the precaution of carrying a bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag, of course).

Instead of an headline-grabbing, out-of-control party girl, I saw only a young woman who was tired, worn-out and just plain done. 

Anyone who could look at her and think that a long prison sentence would teach her anything valuable is wrong. 

I’m relieved Lindsay Lohan‘s finally getting the help and support she needs. I look forward to her true comeback and not the one for the spotlight she’s come to depend on – the one for herself. 

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