Rochelle's had enough of people tagging their photos '#NoFilter' and so have I!

Oooh, celebrities. You’re a vain bunch, although I do love you (well, some of you).

One celeb I am most definitely liking today, though, is Rochelle Humes of The Saturdays.

She Tweeted this thought last night:

People that write #NoFilter really annoy me when they put it up with a pic of themselves…may as well put #I’msohot or #lookatmeimamazing’.

And she’s totally right!

Rochelle continues:

Who come up with #NoFilter anyway? My hashtag is #lotsoffilter #itryeveryinstagrameffect’.

Well said, Roch.

Of course, as a nation, we’re all totally obsessed with documenting our lives on Twitter and Instagram – and drooling over the seemingly glossy lives of celebrities, too.

But what Rochelle is saying is spot on.

Instagram is largely about filters, right?! Filters are fun – and make even the dullest pic more hazy and romantic.

But celebs are now rubbing it in our non-famous faces that they look just as amazing without a common filter, thankyouverymuch.

One celeb who tweeted a #NoFilter’ selfie yesterday was Millie Mackintosh. In it, she’s posing up with Laura Whitmore (and some macaroni cheese), and they’re both looking pretty foxy (see above).

#nofilter @thewhitmore,’ she’s captioned the picture.

Ok, Millie. But do we really need it rubbing in that you’re totally gorgeous without the help of a filter? (You use filters half the time anyway, my dear.)


Check out Jessie J‘s #nofilter selfie above, too. Yes, we get it love. You’re fit. And your point is…? 

Milla Jovovich and Kourtney Kardashian are #nofilter abusers, too.

But prime suspect number one is, drum roll, Kim Kardashian.

Now, Rochelle has specifically tweeted that she’s not referring to Kim‘s infamous, internet-breaking, no-filter-look-at-my-bum pic that sent the world crazy yesterday (check it out above).

In response to a fan asking if Rochelle was targeting Kim, Roch tweeted:

No she can put what she wants #girlcrush #sheneedsnofilter’.

But, hey. The timings are a bit of a coincidence.

And even if Rochelle isn’t referring to Kim, she’s still totally right. Celebs, stop. You’re wearing a ton of make-up in these photos, and you’re in control of the camera.

You might as well be using a filter.

And quite frankly, who cares if you do or not?! Now go and do something more important!

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