Did Madonna go too far with her Coachella kiss?

Before I go into full rant mode let me make something clear: Most of the time I’m pro Madonna.

I don’t care if she chooses to dress in next to nothing, or that many of her performances are sexually charged. People harp on about the fact that she’s 56 so shouldn’t be performing like she does, but I think that’s both sexist and ageist.

She can do whatever the hell she wants, who cares how old she is? As she constantly tells us: ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna.’ (OK, that phrase is a bit annoying.)

This weekend at Coachella though, I think Madge took it too far.

During Drake‘s set she made a surprise entrance and performed a rendition of her 90s hit, Human Nature with him.

At the end of it, she sat the 28-year-old rapper down and unexpectedly planted a long kiss on his lips while she held him down. It was forceful and aggressive, at one point Drake tries to move his arm to take some control but she stops him. When she’s done she struts off stage. I found it really uncomfortable to watch.  

Drake looked clearly shocked afterwards, he wiped his mouth a number of times as if he was replused and said to the crowd: ‘Holy sh*t, what the f*ck just happened?’

I’m all up for expressing yourself (pun intended) but I think Madonna went beyond that to plain inappropriate.

Imagine if it had been the other way around. A man sitting a woman down onstage, coming up behind her and physically restraining her while he aggressively kissed her in front of thousands of people. Then walking off straight after, while she wipes her mouth, disgusted and stunned, asking what had just happened.

There’d be utter outrage. People would be shocked. He’d be accused of sexual predatory, questions would be raised over consent, chided for being a bad example and accused of misogyny and sexism. 

And rightly so.

However with Madonna there is no outcry, sure people are laughing because Drake looked seemed so disturbed by it all, but no one is calling her out for it.

Why is Madonna allowed to get away with this, is it just because she’s a woman? If so then surely that’s a sad reflection on sexism in society?

What are your views on this?