The JLS star is going to be a great dad to the baby when it arrives next summer

Lovely pop couple Marvin Humes from JLS and his wife Rochelle from The Saturdays are having a baby – and it couldn’t happen to a nicer man!

I was particularly delighted when I read the pair’s Twitter announcement because I first met Marv 10 years ago – long before his current fame, and long before the stampede of hoardes of screaming girls (although, there were a few back then!) that now follow him wherever he goes.

In my former guise as a publicist, I was assigned the task of managing the press campaign for an urban pop band (I know, exciting) he was in, which meant when we were ‘in promo’ I saw him every day, accompanying him to TV shows or magazine shoots.

Of the five in the band, who were all a good laugh and dedicated, Marvin was easily the most polite and considerate. He always said thank you. He always listened to advice. He never steamed in first to the catering table on a video shoot (mentioning no names, Antony from Blue). He was even lovely to my mum.

Even when he hit the big time and found fame with JLS, Marvin would take the trouble to sign a book for charity for me here and there, or send a birthday text. Above all, he remained sensibly unaffected by the industry he’s in, proving there’s quite an old head on those muscular, young shoulders.

Rochelle‘s really lucked out because he will also be a fantastic father. He’s emotionally sensitive and has a strong sense of responsibility – he’s not the type to do the predictable knee-jerk ‘yikes I’m not ready for this’.

The couple have spent most of their four-month marriage thousands of miles apart working in their respective bands, so next summer when the baby comes I hope JLS give him a bit of paternity leave to really enjoy being there for Humes Jr‘s first few months.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to offer Marv and Rochelle my suggestions for baby names: Marchelle, Rovin (see what I did there) or maybe even Satjls (ok, that one not so much).

Congratulations Marv – I can’t think of a more deserving bloke to be living the dream.

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