The Wanted's Max George did well to be gracious over Michelle's engagement - but he must be kicking himself!

Well done, Max George.

The Wanted frontman was put on the spot on Daybreak this morning when he was asked what he thought of his former fiancée Michelle Keegan getting engaged to Towie hunk Mark Wright.

If I’d have been in his shoes a million things would have run through my mind.

And I sincerely doubt, however amicable the break up was , I would ever be able to put on a smile and be quite as gracious as Max was.

He managed the impossible, saying: ‘I’m actually really happy for her, she’s a wonderful girl. I’ve met Mark and he seems like a really nice bloke so yeah – I wish them all the luck in the world.’

Yep. That’s definitely a lot better than I would have mustered.

I can only imagine that Max must be feeling a little sick at what he’s lost.

I’ve known Michelle for years and she’s a genuinely lovely girl.

What’s more Mark Wright seems to be truly smitten with the Corrie beauty.

Congratulations for being so gracious, Max – and we hope you’ve learnt a lesson for next time. Being the bad boy doesn’t always pay off!

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