This week Michelle Heaton revealed her brave decision to undergo a full hysterectomy

Can we all just stop and take a moment to think about how incredibly awesome Michelle Heaton is?

In November 2012 she underwent a double mastectomy because of her 80% of developing breast cancer, however because she carries a mutated BRCA2 gene she still had a 40% chance of developing cancer as long as she has her ovaries. Because of this high risk the mum of two shared that she has decided to undergo a full hysterectomy.

Calling the decision ‘heartbreaking and life-changing’ Michelle understands how this dramatic procedure will potentially save her life, and she desperately wants to be around for her children Faith, 2, and five-month-old Aaron-Jay.

I find Michelle hugely inspirational, her tough decision is one that thankfully very few of us will ever have to make and can therefore never fully understand, but I commend how strong and dignified she has been throughout all of this.

Michelle has endured some difficult times in the past few years, just three months after having her mastectomy she had to undergo heart surgery to have a pacemaker fitted, and this year when her baby boy was just weeks old he was rushed to hospital with viral meningitis.

We never see Michelle complaining, feeling sorry for herself or being negative at all though. The way that she carries herself throughout these traumatic times is truly unique and shows how strong she is.

She said to The Sun that having her breasts, womb, fallopian tubes and ovaries removed will make her feel like less of a woman as she feels she’s ‘giving up everything that sets me apart from a man,’ but I disagree.

What she is sacrificing means that her children will grow up with a healthy mother who loved them enough to make such a heartbreaking decision. To me that makes Michelle the ultimate woman. She’s brave and empowered, and should be a complete inspiration to women and men everywhere.

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